3.  Roads


      a.  Map of Heritage Palms Street System

      b.  2009 Road Condition Report

      c.  Copy of the City of Fort Myers Police / HPCDD Traffic Control Agreement

      d.  Annual Inspection of Manhole Covers

​      e.  Annual Fire Hydrant Flushing

2.  Preserves

      a.  Maintenance Contract

      b.  Monitoring Contract

​      c.  Preserve Fence Maintenance Contract

​II.   Summary of HPCDD Board of Supervisors Maintenance Responsibilities

      ​1.  Lakes


            a.  Map of Community Lakes

            b.  Aerator Maintenance Contract

                  c.  Lake Maintenance Contract

            d.  Sample of Weekly Lake Quality Report

            e.  Sample of Monthly Lake Quality Report for EPA


I.   Management


            a.  HPCDD Officials and Contacts

            b.  HOA/CDD Maintenance Agreements

            c.  Premier District Management - Management Contract

            d.  Engineer's Report

            e.  Bond Counsel Agreement

            ​f.  Field Management Reports

            ​g.  Summary of HPCDD Property Ownership

            h.  City Ordinances Creating HPCDD

                      I. #2873: 9/21/98 (Phase I)

                      II. #2914: 10/18/99 (Phase II)

                      III. #2942: 2/22/00 (Chapter 190)

            i.  Contractor Conflict Resolution

Heritage Palms

Community Development District

Supervisor Maintenance Guideline

Table of Contents

​​Heritage Palms Community Development District

6.  Perimeter Fencing and Security

      a.  Map of Fence Locations

5.  Storm Water

      a.  Storm Water System Inspection Report 2012

                I. Appendix A (Heritage Palms)

                II. Appendix A ( Heritage Palms Estates)

                III. Appendix B (Heritage Palms)

                IV. Appendix B (Heritage Palms Estates)

                V. Appendix C

                VI. Appendix D

      b.  Summary of Storm Water System Maintenance needs 2012
      c.  Maintenance Progress Report 2014

​      d.  FL Department of Environmental Protection Approval of TMDL Report 

      e. NPDES Permit

                I.Part 1

                II.Part 2

                III.Part 3